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Uconn’s Womens’ Basketball

The 2010-2011 UConn womens basketball team is concidered one of twenty-fives best sports team in history. With part of the regular season and March Madness left they could be made the number ones best sports team. But they would have to work very hard. Our predictions, UConn second or first place in the final four. But the teams that make it to the final four and UConn is in too. If they still have their game on the othe rteams would have to work hard.


We may be creating a store. We sell skateboard trucks for $20.00, skateboard wheels $15.00, baseballs$1.00, footballs $3.00, basketballs $6.00, hockey sticks $10.00, skateboard decks $15.00. Also we may auction. Then comment on a price. There are refunds.

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